Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Thing #86: Dial M for 'My bad'

'Oops.' That almost sums up today's New Thing. 'Oops... but ok, yay!' sums it up better. I had something planned for lunch that involved a subway ride, some mad dashing, and another subway ride. And it would have worked out that way had I consulted a subway map. I stayed on the Q longer than I should have, and instead of ending up where I wanted to be, I ended up in Brooklyn. That's not even close to where I was headed. But as I stood on a Manhattan-bound platform after getting off Mistake Train, I was presented with something new: A train line which, despite having lived in New York for six years, I had never even seen in a station. So without hesitation, I took the M train. Many of you know that it's part of the obscure and short "brown line," which is rounded out by the J and Z trains. Nobody I know has ever needed to take it. I think it goes into an abyss and eventually falls off a cliff. At least, the Brroklyn-bound one does. I took the Manhattan-bound M for Magnificent train to Canal Street, where I connected to the Q and returned safely to work.

(oh, and it's official: Millionaire airs June 28. Check local listings if you must.)


Anonymous said...

I use to take the 6. Oh wait. That was Jenny from the Block.
I would also like to suggest that you get your first colonic. I am not sure if you have done one of those yet.

sashasana said...

Actually, you do know someone that has taken the J train. I used to live out in The Forbidden Zone, remember?