Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Thing #87: Wash it

I got home from work tonight, exhausted from putting in a 9-hour day even after having been at Jem and the Holograms rehearsal until 3am. I thought about taking a nap, but instead opted to read on my bed. I finished my book, and decided to do some laundry, including the bedding. I took everything down, started three loads and came back upstairs to call home. About 15 minutes and several fluctuations in blood pressure later, I had this IM conversation (if you're one of the people who just reads the bold parts, scroll down. There are a couple of them):

Me: hi! can you call my phone?

Lynn: sadly and hilariously no, because i lost my phone and am looking for somenoe to call it.

Me: oh no!

Me: I think I have washed mine.

Lynn: agh really?

Lynn: i know mine's in the house

Lynn: just not where.

Me: I checked the load I thought it might be in and it wasn't, but it could have fallen into one of the other ones. if it did, damage is done and it will be hard to find it until it's finished

Lynn: sorry. when i find my phone i will call yours. eventually

Lynn: i got a new one a week or 2 ago cause mine died dead

Lynn: phones r krazee

Me: ok. trying Pack and Purnell, neither answering **

Me: found mine!

Me: not in the wash!

Lynn: hoorah!

Lynn: wanna call mine? smiley face wink smile

Me: calling....

Lynn: thanks!

Lynn: i never would have found it, in laundry pile

Lynn: how

Lynn: why

Me: rang, then vm

Lynn: oh, us!

Me: HA

Me: I'm glad neither of us washed our phones.

Lynn: i didnt do laundry today, it was last night. but i have a pile on my dresser i set it down in about an hour ago

Lynn: im a looloo

Me: this is new thing today. I have never plunged my arm into a scalding hot washing machine load to find a cell phone that wasn't there

Lynn: eep gross. was it really scalding? my machine wont open when washing

Me: not, like, boiling burning. Hot enough I wouldn't touch it unless searching for a small child, animal, or phone.

Lynn: your phone is replaceable. your skin is... sort of.

Lynn: but not enough

Me: no damage. i don't think the soap liked my skin, but the heat didn't hurt it. More like an inadvisably hot bath, but still one you'd get into if you were pressed for time and very dirty.

Me: Sort of the temp they use when I get a pedicure and it takes me a couple of minutes to be able to stand it.

Lynn: yeah

**[ed note: Purnell eventually did answer, and called my phone, which I found in a purse that had been on my bed next to the phone, which I thought I had bundled up with the bedding I wanted to wash]

Today's new thing was not what I originally had planned. It turned into something of a public service for people who think they are more than occasionally idiots, to prove they're not the only ones. I had something else, something more intelligent and less accidental. I wrote about what I actually did do, because the whole time I was doing it I was thinking, 'if this turns out well, I am totally making this my new thing.' Had it turned out badly, the story never would have seen the light of day.

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