Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Thing #91: Deliver de letter

Two of the best books I read this year were by the same author. They took place in roughly the same place, over roughly the same periods of time, yet were completely different stories that resonated in completely different ways. They were The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Everything about them made for pitch-perfect novels; the stories were compelling, the characters richly portrayed, the resolutions emotionally satisfying. I knew after finishing The Kite Runner in January that I would read everything this guy writes. I devoured Suns the week it came out and am chomping at the bit for whatever this physician-turned-authors comes out with in the future. I sort of want him to know that I think his writing is phenomenal and that his books are two of the best I've ever read. So I wrote author Khaled Hosseini a fan letter. I've never written a fan letter to anyone, even an author, even though I should have been inspired to do so after reading Dear Mr. Hinshaw in third grade. I'm not sure who I would have picked in those days- Hinshaw writer Beverly Cleary? Ann M. Martin? Judy Blume (who I did once clumsily babble to at a film screening a few years ago)? The ship has sailed on those ladies, but all that means is that my tastes have evolved (finally) so instead of thanking authors for their books about puberty and babysitting, I'm thanking new authors for books about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and female oppression by the Taliban.

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