Monday, June 25, 2007

New Thing #92: Putting the "fun" in "orfun"

This has been in the works for a couple of months (years, really) and tonight, a lot of different people's really hard work paid off. Amanda wrote and directed this kick-ass stage version of Jem and the Holograms, and tonight was the first (and very hopefully not last) performance. Tonight I played a British crippled orphan on crutches in a live-action version of a cartoon show (in front of a totally packed house). It was a minor role with awesome lines, and Amanda let me be as ridiculous as I wanted (though she did veto my idea to flash my knickers when I dance around at the end. Can't say I blame her).
Other people liked it too!

Also, here's some info that I remember from high school chemistry, about why a hologram is called that and not a holograph:

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Anonymous said...

you all were great!