Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Thing #93: Well Suited

As a non-fashion journalist, my work history has always involved super-casual dress codes. At the newspaper where I worked the night international desk, it was jeans and sneakers. At the catalogs I worked for and the magazine I'm at now, it's jeans with nice boots in the winter, casual dresses in the summer. I've never really had to dress up for work, and as much of a relief as that is, I've always thought it would be nice to be one of those important-looking ladies on the subway who's wearing a full suit. So today I wore a suit to work. I borrowed a light-colored, heat-friendly number from a fellow size-0 lass, added a cami and heels and a black bag and strode out of my apartment building feeling like I should go litigate for someone.
I felt so powerful I fired the guy sitting next to me on the subway.


Michelle said...

Litigators were never so chic!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the comment about firing the guy on the subway!! Ya look great, girlie!

~Ohio Buckeye Chick~

Brian said...

I love that you even had to borrow the suit! AWESOME.

Best part of new job: shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops! I didn't think my jeans and polo shirts could get more casual!

Julie said...

Ok I'm also a size 0... and I dont have any "fellow size 0 lasses" in my stable of lasses! How do you have a size 0 friend! No fair!