Wednesday, July 4, 2007

New Thing #101: Red, white, blue and Blue

When I first put out the call for suggestions for this project, someone (I don't have my master list on me, so I'm not sure who) threw in this simple gem: walk a dog in Central Park. Being a dog non-owner, I didn't think this would be feasible. You can't just grab somebody's dog and walk it in Central Park. But you can say yes to staying with your cousin's dog when he and his wife are in Hawaii for 9 days, as a thank-you for him having given you the correct answer when you called him as a lifeline on "Millionaire." You can also say yes to having a low-key, semi-spontaneous 4th of July picnic in Central Park with friends. Then you can walk the dog there. So in honor of our nation's birth, I walked a dog in Central Park. The dog, Blue (who is napping next to my leg as I type this), is a bit shy and a little skittish, but once he realized we were on our way to the city's greenest fire hydrant, he was totally game for the outing. Then he got to chill on a lake-side grassy knoll for a while with me, Kevin, and some friends while we talked cartoons, music and patent law. On the way out, I felt that much more like a true New Yorker with my boyfriend on one side of me and a spunky Dachshund on the other.

(later, both of us were temporarily unspunky)

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