Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Thing #102: What shoe cryin about?

Today was long and stressful and I got faux-home feeling sad and exhausted. What does a girl do when she's sad? She buys shoes! What does she do when she's exhausted? She buys them online! But what does she do when she's also committed to doing one new thing every day? She designs her own! So just now I went to and designed and bought my very own, personalized pair of python-print leather kitten-heel pumps with green leather top trim and bow and dark brown leather heels and back trim. I'm a big fan of the kitten heel, as it gives me a bit of a lift without making me man-in-draggishly tall. But my shoes are usually pretty tame; solid colors in classic styles. I've never owned python-print anything before. But a girl needs something sassy for fall. A punkish print with a bold color just screams, "hey weather! Get cold! I'm gonna growl at you!" These babies should ship in three weeks, at which point I will start prematurely pairing them with brown skirts and white oxford shirts.


Tatman said...

When do we get to see you model these? Interesting colors to say the least. Unique for sure.

Brook said...

I have to tell you, after reading this, I have decided I need to reevaluate my choice of female friends... no one ever told me about designing my own shoes - especially Steve Madden shoes, my very fav in the whole world!

Hmm, wonder if has anything about making your own shoes...

Thanks for all the great ideas! You're inspiring many of us to try new things as well!

Brook :)

Bethany said...

I agree with Brook.. no one ever told me about designing my own shoes and Steve Madden is my shoe boyfriend.

Oh, the fun I will have with this new "toy" is almost positively indecent.

(Hey, I'm from Houston, it usually takes things years to trickle down from New York to here..)