Friday, July 6, 2007

New Thing #103: Mnid Mled

I seramblcd the letters in tihs enrite psot, jsut to fuhtrer prvoe taht the stduy coneuctdd by Cambrdige Usivernity was rtghi: It dseon't mettar waht oredr the lertets are in, besauce the hamun mnid dosen't raed ecah iadividunl leettr, but the wrod as a whloe. It wuold be ncie if my whloe day colud be lkie taht: I cluod nap at there in the aftorneon, see moives at noon, do my wrok in the mddile of the nihgt and hvae dsseert for brsakfaet. And my bdoy clcok, empyolers and digisteve sysetm wuoldn't rlaely notcie beuacse tehy'd see my day as a wohle.
Now I'm teeptmd to wirte an eitnre book lkie tihs. But I wluodn't enaourcge chirdlen to raed it. Thier ltitle mdis shluod absrob informtaion the coerrct way bfeore tehy satrt trynig to warp thier brnias aruond scuh werid cencopts. Beeidss, trehe are plnety of wyas to mses wtih kdis! Lkie, by tleling tehm taht "ptale" is "seowhr" and taht we beign ecah mael by smreacing and diong a hudnred jimpung-jakcs, or the cenilg wlil trun itno a smawp. Not taht I wluod eevr do taht to a clihd.

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a former poofreader said...

That Cambridge study backed up what proofreaders have known for a long time--and that we all learned the hard way.