Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Thing #105: Ball new

Today's one of those days when I've had to reschedule what I had planned, and figure out something else on the fly. (Planned Thing was bit much for a day so hot and humid, and the point of the project is to do new things, not to die in public.) I did walk Blue over to the pond in northwest side of Central Park, and on the way back we both needed a break. We sat on a bench on West 108 street, where Blue and I watched a game of pick-up basketball at Booker T. Washington Park. On and off for nearly 6 years I've walked by the super-competitive games on West 4th street, mildly intrigued but to busy to be bothered. I've never really sat and watched an amateur game anywhere before, let alone right outside a public high school that many of the players likely attend. There were plenty of swears and good-natured jabs, but most of the players seemed pretty skilled. I didn't come in at the beginning, so I didn't get a sense of who was winning. One team, with a kid taller and more intense that the rest, did get the majority of the baskets during the time I watched, but nobody seemed neither upset nor boastful about it.
(There are no pictures of this because Strange Lady Watching Kids Play Basketball doesn't want to also be Strange Lady Watching Kids Play Basketball and Taking Pictures of Them.)

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