Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Thing #107: Sudon'tku

I've mentioned before that I am reluctant to jump on certain bandwagons. I've never seen a second of Lost or 24 and I've never worn Crocs. I have also never played (done? made? completed?) a Sudoku puzzle, the frustrating, intellectually brutal number game that's sweeping New York (possibly the nation. I don't know. This city has kidnapped me.) So as I write this, I am taking a break, because for the last hour and 45 minutes, I have been doing a Sudoku puzzle. I get the gist: the horizontal and vertical lines, as well as each 3x3 box, must contain one number 1-9. I thought for a moment I was a prodigy, as I filled in the top and bottom lines fairly quickly (brazen, I know, since I've never even tried this before) . But- oops! An hour later, I had a 3x3 box with two 2s, a vertical line with nowhere I could put a 6, and.. you get the idea. I started at 9:10. It's 10:45 and I recently erased the entire board to start over. I'm being much more patient and thoughtful this time.
Here's an early-stage, pre-erase photo. I'll see how far I get before either my brain explodes or I get really tired.

Update on 7/12: I did it! It was a different puzzle and it was two days later, but I finished a Sudoku!


Tatman said...

Sudokus are awesome. The more you do the better you get. Keep at it.

kiwinewt said...

Well done :)
Sudokus are fun (and sweeping the WORLD! :P)