Friday, July 13, 2007

New Thing #110: We are the champi

I started an iGoogle page a few weeks ago, as a way of consolidating my email, blogs, and all the other junk I need to keep track of during the day. On a whim, I selected the 'WikiHow to' window, and have been getting wonderful bits on "how to restore an abandoned cemetery" and "how to make a hidden door bookcase" (which we will totally have in our house eventually. The bookcase door, not the cemetery). A couple of days ago, I bookmarked an entry on 'How to Do Champissage." Also known as an Indian Head Massage, this focuses on nerve endings and chakras and is intended to relieve pressure both physically and spiritually. Tonight I did Champissage on Kevin. He's been headachy and busy lately, so it seemed just the thing to alleviate some of the stress. It took about a half hour, and I must have alleviated some stress, because it put him to sleep. Then he woke up and we watched a Disney movie from the 70s. If that's not a spiritual healing aid, I'm not sure what is!

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