Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Thing #114: I'm a bonehead!

Today's New Thing was new for two reasons, the first being that it was a crossover Thing, partnering with Noah Scalin, who is creating a skull every day for one year. He's made them out of gum, fliers, bookcases, the continental United States, and today, I made the shape of a skull with my hand and Noah drew the facial features on in black ink. Before this, the closest I'd come to being a skull or skeleton in any form was having been called 'Skelator' from time to time throughout elementary school. Sassy pal Eliza seemed to sense this, and put me in touch with Noah, who she's known since childhood.
This is the first time since 10th grade tennis that the boniness of my hand has been put to good use. Coaches used to call on me to stick my hand through chain link fences to retrieve tennis balls. This was more fun and a lot less pressure.


Tatman said...

Nice work. That's cool that you two hooked up on this. That salad looks good, too.

ALR design said...

Thanks again Jen! It was great getting to meet you (and turn you into a skull)!