Friday, July 20, 2007

New Thing #117: Check it out!

I got the idea for this project in January, at which time I had already taped 'Millionaire,' so I knew that there would be plenty of steps associated with that which could count as New Things. Well, today was pretty much the end of the road, but it was a good end to a great road! I got my check in the mail yesterday and today I deposited a check for $25,000. It's definitely the biggest check I've ever endorsed, and just holding it made me really nervous- the color-changing box on the front that reacts to body heat and photocopy lights made me want to pick it up with tongs. I practically threw it at the WaMu teller, who took note of the memo ("Prize Winnings, Who Wants to be a Millionaire) but otherwise didn't say much. I'm not going to go spending it all in one place, but I will be in California this weekend, and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale does start today, so...


Tatman said...

Congrats! No pic of the check though? I need something to print on my new high dollar printer. Haha!

Yala said...

Must feel amazing.

And as I am writing an comment anyway, I'll use this opportunity to say that you have a fan in Germany.(Well, at least one.)

So, hello from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.