Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Thing #122: Andiamo!

I find it amazing that with all the dessert eating I did as a child, and all the eagerness for cold taste treats that I still experience as an adult, I've never even tried Italy's second most prolific dessert (I shared a cannoli from the NYU snack place on West 3rd during a 6-hour class in grad school). Yesterday, Kevin and I took a day trip to Coronado Island, and after exploring the Hotel Del and feasting on pizza, I ate gelato. It was, of course, totally delicious. The coconut-raspberry combo was the perfect blending of sweet and tart, and though this seems like something best savored in a crowded Roman piazza, eating it on a sun-drenched bench across the street from a historic hotel wasn't a half-shabby alternative.

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Anonymous said...

On this day, I just happened to be eating gelato in Venice - Piazza San Marco to be exact.

Well-timed milady.