Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Thing #128: Chairiot Awaits

Sometimes I feel like this blog is turning into "Jen's Fulfillment of Ridiculous Childhood Dreams" Blog. And you know what? That's okay! Since when is it a bad thing to live a fully functional adult life, with the occasional foray into childlike joy? In accordance with the first part of that, my business-owning boyfriend wants to get rid of his current office chair. In accordance with the second part, I very nicely asked him to push me in it from his apartment to the drop-off site. It was hard to accurately document this, as he was pushing and I was riding and we wouldn't have expected any of the strangers giving us dubious looks to also want to snap photos of us. He pushed me down his block to the subway station, where I got up and rolled it through the dank, often slippery tunnel, and then I sat on it in a crowded elevator to the top of a cliff, where he rolled me again most of the way to drop it off at someone else's apartment. We used to have crazed, unauthorized chair races in the hall during college newspaper prodcution nights, but to ride the rolly outside was truly a new world!

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ALR design said...

That does look fun! I once got rolled around on a bed in Tompkins Square Park, it was quite a treat.