Monday, July 2, 2007

Nre YThing 99" I can't see!

i am wirting this post blingfolded@ I took the photo bling folded too, so id it looks funky, that's why. At work I type all the time while talking to other people, but I have the lusury of being able too\ look down and correct something if I need to. I am not goinf to spell check this before I post, and IP no tlooking at the screen, bivuiyskyt. U recebtktt abd swered a very kycratuve questiun abiyt keyboard plavemnet, so I'm hoping to parlay that into a semi corenet blog post. I am not sure whther I will be able to post this without looking, but I do know that i can copy and poaste and save it if need me. I may or may not trabnslate this once I take off the bliundfold, vur I willl definitely not read this post for at least an hour after I post it. So if you're one of the lucky early readers, enjoy@

Update after I looked: That ended up being a lot shorter than it felt! It had the same effect as when you walk around the house blindfolded and take off the blindfold after what seems like an hour but has only been ten minutes.

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Glennis said...

Watch out, Jen! There's a man behind you!!