Friday, August 3, 2007

New Thing #131: Desk Dressed

Oh, WikiHowTo. You know all too well the weird things I haven't done, made, played with or eaten. You seemed to know that I was having a tougher week than usual doing New Things, and today you randomly selected probably the most adorable "How to make..." item I've seen yet. I made a pencil-and-photo holder out of office supplies. Per the WikiInstructions, I pulled a modest handful of binder clips and rubber bands out of my desk drawers, arranged the clips in a circle with the flat parts in the middle and the prongs pulled out, secured them with rubber bands, then stuck pencils and photos in the appropriate places. I've been saying for over two years that I need cuter deskwear- now that part of my desk is wearing a DIY pencil holder adorned with classic no. 2s and some of my favorites photos, it's that much closer to at least not being boring.


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dggoldst said...

really gives those office supplies a human touch