Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Thing #132: Washed up

After sitting on various extremely crowded highways and sideroads today, Kevin and I finally arrived at his friends' beach house in Millford, CT, where we got to chill out on a waterfront porch with drinks, burgers, dogs and babies. We also got to play a game that's brand-new to me, but which is perhaps quite the rage on cruise ships and retirement communities. I played a full game of washers, a more challenging take on the classic ring-toss. The game is played with either two players or two teams, and is over when one player or team gets 21 points. But they have to get exactly 21 points; the holes on each board (which is also used as the 'pitcher's mound' when you're tossing your washers) are worth 1, 3, or 5 points. If a player has 20 points and their next toss lands in a 5-point hole, they then lose those 5 points and go back to 15 points. You can also lose points if, in a given inning, the player after you scores the same amount of points on any given toss. That second player doesn't get to keep the points, either; both plays are voided. It's a frustrating game, and I think the game Kevin and I played took close to an hour. I scored a whopping 6 points, and it took him a long time to settle on 21. If I owned this house and this game, I could probably eventually get awesome at it. But not just yet.

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