Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Thing #135: Miss Perky

When I worked at Barnes and Noble for six weeks between semesters of grad school in 2002, I used to pass by the mysteriously inviting Town Shop, which I knew to be a haven for chestorially confused women. In the five years I haven't been going there, Robyn has touted it more than once, and yesterday Cat called on her way out to tell me how awesome it was. I am a big fan of recommendations from people I trust, so today I went to Town Shop and got custom-fitted bras that are not made by Victoria's Secret. It's nothing like VS. In addition to carrying a much higher quality of merchanside, TS has caring, attentive saleswomen who work with you one-on-one and help you find the best size. I read somewhere that nearly all women wear the wrong bra size. I had just thought that because I'm skinny but also not anywhere near flat-chested, I was just doomed to a life of ill-fitting bras. That's so not the case. It's just that nobody at VS ever cared what my size was, and I never bothered to get properly measured. Now I can't really see wanting to go back to VS. I'll get my perks at Town Shop!


beth said...

Check out their web page, they are totally precious. (in a good way)

Kathleen said...

Don't touch ma titteh!