Friday, August 10, 2007

New Thing #138: Baby num nums

In college, some of my friends used to sit on pink overstuffed bean bag chairs wearing men's boxers and tiny tank tops, watching Friends and eating baby food out of a jar. I'd sit on the floor behind them in too-big LMU sweats and a high school theatre t-shirt, eating Doritos. I guess we just had different ideas of what awesome was. I also couldn't get past the baby food part. Didn't they know meal plans were included in their housing fees? Did they have problems chewing? I never did find out what the appeal was, and I stuck with Cool Ranch and overcooked ziti. Now, 10 years later, I'm willing to give the mashed-pea eaters the benefit of the doubt, so I ate organic babyfood with teeth. I had to qualify the "with teeth" part because while I was a baby and so definitely did once eat baby food, I left that behind when my incisors broke through and immediately switched to Cheerios and bananas. As an adult (and by "adult," I mean "older than eight months") I've never had a desire to touch the stuff. And I can see why; I thought the raspberry-pear combo would be pleasant, like an unrefrigerated smoothie. But it's sort of mashed-potatoes-like in consistency, and the flavor is sort of overwhelming, like the feeder is trying to impress upon the child that non-boob food is amazing. I think I'll stick to medium-rare steaks and ravioli, thanks. And this will probably be the only New Thing... that I actually have done before but not as an adult, and under entirely different circumstances. I won't make a habit of it. I also won't be able to post again until Sunday night, at which point I will have done something quite fantastic in another state.

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