Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Thing #139: Good Morning Baltimore!

As a baseball dilettante and adopted Red Sox fan, I’m not quite used to the culture of fervor and devotion that the Boston lifers are willing to demonstrate in the spring, summer and, if the team is really on fire, fall months. It shouldn’t have surprised me that when I went to a Red Sox game at Camden Yards and watched Boston beat Baltimore 6-2, the majority of the fans were wearing red, not orange. I would say it was about 60-40 Red Sox fans to Orioles fans. I totally love that the first group cheer of the game came from the visiting team. I totally love that most of those people drove anywhere between 5 and 10 hours to catch the game. In sports-passive San Diego, we love our Padres and Chargers, but we don’t talk much about it outside the safe little harborside bubble, and we daintily toast their victories with chilled white wine. On the East Coast, however, baseball lovers are in-your-face, teeth-baring fanatics who refuse to even entertain the notion that flooding a home team’s ballpark with visiting colors is anything but awesome.

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