Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Thing #142: I Shall Never See

I'm a writer, but there are certain mediums I haven't had much experience with. Either because I haven't gotten around to them yet (like novels and screenplays) or because I have no interest in them and am pretty sure it's just not my thing (like poetry, poetry and poetry). Seriously. I am a lousy poet. My last attempt at it was senior year of high school, when we had to write a poem based on a painting. I chose some weird piece of art that had adorned the bottom corner of the season ticket-holder brochure for the symphony chorus my mom was in. It had multicolored, melted-looking instruments crawling toward a door. Sort of Dali-meets-Toy Story. I wrote some ridiculous tripe about alienation and escape, but it read like it had been written by a third grader in therapy. Ah well. So today, as a way of facing my dubious past as a poet, I entered a poetry contest. And I didn't sell myself short, either. I entered a poem about death in the Paris Review, where the prize is $1,000 and publication. I can't print the text here because that would automatically disqualify me, and let's face it: A poet of my caliber cannot afford to miss out on this!

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beth said...

Can you post the text on the off chance you don't win? (hey maybe that'll be your New Thing someday: getting rejected for a poetry contest. how efficient you are!)