Monday, August 20, 2007

New Thing #148: TWic

When I recovered from the paranoia of retribution one faces after messing with a large company's phone system, I needed to call back for real and actually confirm the appointment I really do have for an equipment upgrade. So I called the company (which rhymes with Slime Gorner) tonight to do just that. Well, of course it's never that simple, and I had to get put on hold (with terrible music) twice before reaching the person who could actually answer my questions. The guy I got was so nice and patient and helpful, not to mention well-spoken and polite, that I felt compelled to sing his praises to a manager. So when I got off the phone I wrote a letter that I hope will eventually get to whoever manages a customer service rep named Anthony. I've had some great customer service, both phone-based and in-person, but I can't think of one time when I did anything more than thank the person who helped me. In hindsight, there have been times when I really should have gone the extra step and written a nice note to the manager. I think I'll start doing that from now on, but here's my first one:

Dear Customer Service Phone Staff Manager of Whatever Department it is Which Handles Service Calls From [my zip code],
I would like to take a moment to praise the professionalism and courtesy I experienced while speaking with customer service representative Anthony. After getting transferred twice by people who were not as readily able to meet my needs, I finally reached Anthony, who not only took care of my request in a matter of seconds, but was extremely patient and informative. I realize that [Slime Gorner] does not have any control over the wait period that its customers are faced with, but you can understand how sitting on a phone line for nearly an hour might make people upset. Anthony seemed to understand that to, and did everything in his power to make sure I didn't have to sit on hold again, and that my problem was taken care of.
Thank you,

Just between you and me, I mostly did this to even out my karma after the singing thing. Maybe.

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