Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Thing #149: What Will Be Revealed?

I'm not a big concert goer. I think I go to an actual rock concert, where I don't know the band and am not in it, maybe once every four years. I don't like standing or crowds or the smell of beer, so that sort of rules out anything that isn't Avery Fisher Hall, a small jazz joint or me in the mirror with a hairbrush. Nevertheless, I do like to pretend to be hip, so tonight I went to see the New Pornographers at Bowery Ballroom. I'd never seen this band (one of the few groups I like whose members are still alive and not the cast of a Broadway show) or been to the Bowery Ballroom, so when improv pal MJC offered up some extra tickets, I jumped at the chance. And though we got separated from them, several other improvisers, including an adorable joint venture known as Warthermore, were in attendance as well. The band is releasing a new album this week, so some of the tunes were new, but they did play some of my NP faves, like "The Laws Have Changed," "Jackie Dressed in Cobras" and "Testament to Youth in Verse." I ducked out before the second encore because I didn't know it and was adamant about being able to get a cab right away. That has nothing to do with the awesome factor of the band- that's just me being an old lady who still doesn't love concerts but is willing to give something a second chance.

Oh, and I got this reply to my letter to Slime Gorner:
Hello Jen,

Thank you for your inquiry.

[Slime Gorner]'s ongoing commitment is to excellence in customer service
and the latest in products and technology for customers in all our
service areas. Customer input such as yours is valuable in future
service provisions and we appreciate your taking the time to let us know
about your experience with our representative, Anthony. I will be happy
to forward your comments to the appropriate persons in your local
(Notice they offer no apology for/explanations to my having to talk to three different people just to get to someone who knew what they were doing.)

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