Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Thing #151: Balloonatic

Tonight I made balloon animals! This was so much fun! But it was a bit frustrating- I had to put it off for a couple of days because I nearly passed out the day I had planned to do it. The long, animally balloons are NOT easy to inflate with breath, so I had to buy a basketball pump. That worked like a charm, and I think I got a bit carried away with just inflating single balloons:
But rather than cop out and make a bunch of slugs or snakes or hot dogs or unnaturally straight tree branches, I found instructions on how to actually make something multi-dimensional, and I made a dog!

When I was done, I realized that the rest of the slugs were too underinflated to make more dogs, so I made up my own hat pattern.


Trillian said...

I remember once at a state fair a balloon maker was doing things for free and I asked for the largest hat design he had. The design I chose, it was called "splash" and it went all over the place. People had to make room for me in the crowd.

Maddy said...

Jen! If you can make a dog, you can make a bunny and a bear, etc. Almost all balloon animals are dogs. I have a balloon pump just for making balloon animals (I think, somewhere, probably the same place my juggling bean bags are, which is??)