Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Thing #153: Take 2

A couple of weeks ago, sort of as a last resort on a day when I was traveling and New Things were surprisingly hard to come by, I ended up seeing the entire stretch of 125th street. But since I saw it through the window of a cab, it seemed less real and more like a movie. Well tonight, on the way home from Blue Man, I lived it. I took a walking tour through west Harlem, due mostly to my curiosity and desire to see the Apollo Theatre up close instead of whizzing by it in a cab (and a little bit due to spacing out on the train and not switching from the 3 to the 1 in time). It was a pretty long walk, and I mixed it up by walking up or down town in different directions a couple of times. I saw th Apollo, the MCC campus, Riverside Church, the Methodist church and a staggeringly huge H&M. I opted to remove my semi-permanent iPod headphones in favor of the nostop music on the street, blasted from nealry every vendor table and open-front business. You could hear everything- jazz, hip-hop, standards, classical.

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