Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Thing #161: Trivialists

A few weeks ago, Krisitna mentioned off the cuff that she had been playing trivia in bars. I knew one could do that, but it seemed like some sort of obscure, romantic magic. So I asked how one actually becomes part of something like that- is there a password? a league? a membership fee? No, no and no. It's totally free and open and MAN if it isn't the funnest nerdiest thing ever. So today I played NTN trivia in a bar (and won two rounds)! The game connects a vast network of bars and restaurants all over the country, but I don't think any of us were trying to register on a national level; we were just trying to good-naturedly kick each other's butts. The group included Kristina, EthanK, Kevin, Amanda, Caton, and several lovelies I hadn't met before. At the peak, there were 10 of us and Ethan usually hovered near the top (if he didn't win the whole game) along with Kristina. But a few others of us did manage to swoop in there and do a little whomping.


Claire said...

Congratulations on winning twice!!

Amanda said...

Jen you were a trivia mastermind!! YAY really is super fun.