Monday, September 3, 2007

New Thing #162: I Be Ivy

One of my few regrets in life (and mind you, they're all tiny) is that I didn't apply to the master's in journalism program at Columbia. I was perfectly happy at NYU, but always wondered what the Ivy League would have been like. I think the main reason I wanted to go there, even in hindsight, was to fulfill the vision of myself working outside on a laptop on their lush lawns or sweeping stone steps. Well, you don't have to actually be a student at a school to work outside there on a laptop, especially if you live only a few subway stops from it (and it's an open campus with free wifi). Today, along with Kevin, I worked outside at Columbia on my laptop on one of their lush lawns. Sure, it would have felt that much more authentic if, say, I knew which window belonged to my favorite professor, or if I'd gotten my coffee with a swipe of a student ID card, but it was good enough to fulfill just the most basic part of my ivy league dream.

A smart squirrel:

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