Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Thing #163: Top Design?

Anyone with a small New York City apartment knows how bored one can get with one's living space. Even if you're just reading a book or playing checkers, you might yearn for something a bit more exotic than your hand-me-down couch or dingy bedspread. When I lived in my first apartment here, a tiny studio I shared with a (albeit awesome) roommate, I constantly sought out reading and study spaces with a bit more character and flair. But who says you have to leave the apartment to get character and flair? Not me! I made a cozy reading space in my bathtub. I added pillows, candles, flowers, towels, draperies, a framed photo and a snack to my otherwise mundane (albeit recently glazed and gorgeous) bathtub. The shape of it isn't quite conducive to sitting for too long, especially with my prematurely bad back, but it was definitely a step up from the sticky leather couch.



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Claire said...

What a wonderful idea!!!