Friday, September 7, 2007

New Thing #166: The Great What Now?

This is the first of four post-dated entries to reflect my activities during my annual vacation to Fire Island. I may be posting them late, but I really did do one New Thing every day I was there. I have witnesses.

I arrived at Fire Island on Friday night, bringing the number of beach housians to an even 10. It was dark and past beaching time, so we decided to play games instead. Tony C. busted out something called The Great Dalmuti, a status-based game where rank matters and value goes backwards. It's highly addictive, and when my friends and I played The Great Dalmuti on Friday night, it was definitely not the last time we'd play it all weekend. I won't go into all the complicated rules, but I will says that if you win, you have every right to get drunk on all that power.

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Mike Hammari said...

This is a well thought out game. The power balance is well structured.