Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Thing #167: Burying my fear

This is the second of four post-dated entries to reflect my activities during my annual vacation to Fire Island. I may be posting them late, but I really did do one New Thing every day I was there. I have witnesses.

I remember getting my first-ever yearbook when I was in kindergarten, and being fascinated by all the pictures of the big kids. One thing that terrified me, though, was a photo taken during a sixth-grade trip to the beach. I remember seeing a girl buried up to her neck in sand, and I immediately thought hat's it! I am NEVER gonna go to sixth grade if they do THAT to you. Well, hence my advanced degrees, I eventually did make it to sixth grade, and beyond. And I did it all without ever getting buried in the sand up to my neck. I realized recently that I may have missed out, so at Fire Island, I got buried in sand up to my neck. Friends Alan and Caton gamely did the digging and burying. It was oddly cool and pleasant, but it is extremely odd to look down and not see your body, as well as to have the point of view of a foot.


beth said...

Were you claustrophobic?

I grew up in RI and the big thing to do was to bury a friend up to the neck, then create a sand body sculpture to go with their head.

Maddy said...

Alan and Caton made quick work of the hole and the burying. I am disappointed that no anatomically correct sand sculptured pictures made it into your blog (not really)

Yay for the mysterious head in the sand that will grant your wishes.