Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Thing #168: Go-Go to Heck

This is the third of four post-dated entries to reflect my activities during my annual vacation to Fire Island. I may be posting them late, but I really did do one New Thing every day I was there. I have witnesses.

As soon as I got to the beach house on Friday night, I took note of the rafters running through the very New Englandy beach house, and vowed that I would hang from them. On Sunday, I stood on top of a bookcase to test their durability. They shook at the slightest touch, and a room full of people determined that it would be best not to put all my weight onto it. While I was still standing on the bookcase, Jeff S. put on some very danceable go-go music and I started dancing to it. Rachael M. asked if I had ever go-go danced on top of a bookshelf, and indeed I had not! She said, "then that's a new thing!" and grabbed my camera while I go-go danced on a bookshelf. Turn your head or your monitor to the side.

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