Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Thing #178: Hrothgar Girl

For some reason, my academically uptight, sociopathically competitive high school was dead-set against assigning Beowulf, even in AP Honors English 12. I graduated during the height of the right-wing conspiratorial book ban, but I'm not sure that even that had anything to do with it. A couple of people I knew read Beowulf on their own, just because they knew they would get to college and everyone else would have read it. Sort of like American Pie for nerds. I thought that was a good idea, but never got around to reading it. So today (and probably a little bit tomorrow) I read Beowulf*. Maybe after I've wrapped my brain around it, I'll write a belated book report for my Grendel-phobic English teacher.

*Seamus Heaney translation, just in case there was another one.


Tony Powell said...

Seamus Heaney made good use of his word hoard on this one. It's a translation that will stand 100 years easily. Did you read the edition with the Anglo-Saxon and modern English on facing pages? (BTW, there is a recording of Trevor Eaton reading all of Beowulf in the original Wessex tongue.)

Kevin Hines said...

There are other translations - and this one is supposed to be the best. I woulnd't know, its the only one I have ever read - but I really really liked it.

I hope you do too!http