Friday, September 21, 2007

New Thing #180: Arcana get a witness?

Ok, so this *looks* a lot like The Great Dalmuti, but it's nothing like it, other than that both activities use cards. Today I had a tarot card reading. I consulted the wise, knowing Rosie, an interfaith minister who wears a necklace of skulls and has been giving tarot card readings since she was a teenager. She instructed me to shuffle the deck and cut it, and to ask a question either out loud or silently (I opted for silent). The results were extremely enlightening, but I don't want to share much about them because the whole thing was deeply personal. There were a few times where I felt close to tears at how spot-on she was about certain things. Other times the interpretation was a bit too general to apply to anything specific, but still more or less accurate in a larger sense. I've always been very open to religion and belief and faith, so I'm willing to learn from what Rosie told me, without hinging my entire life on all of it.


Molly said...

I had my first tarot reading this past weekend!

Do you have "Sing along with a street musician" on your list of things to do? As I walk the downtown areas of SF I'm often tempted, but have not yet had the courage to do it.


Debra said...

Oh yes, singing along with a street musician is a wonderful experience. I sang several Townes Van Zant songs with some youngsters on their way to Asheville, NC. I tipped them handsomely. One of my favorite life experiences.

Yuki said...

oh, I love tarot. I've only met about seven or so who seem to be the 'real deal'.