Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Thing #185: Something Fishy

A few months ago, Kirk sent a list of suggestions, among which was "cook a seabass (or any type of fish you've never cooked) without practicing and serve it to people." I re-read the list today hours after lunch, and that item made me hungry, so I decided to go for it. I made broiled salmon with a butter-lemon-basil pinenut sauce and served it on a bed of sauteed Swiss chard mixed with mild herbs and to Kevin. It was a lot of firsts wrapped up in one; I'd never broiled anything, never cooked with Swiss chard and never cooked salmon because i am a lox-and-bagel junkie and usually eat it raw unless a cooked one strikes my fancy in a restaurant at dinner. Everything turned out really well- I particularly liked the light flavor of the sauce and the texture of the chard (it doesn't make your teeth feel slick like spinach, and it also doesn't contain oxalates, which leach calcium from your body). Next time I do this particular combo, I may use smaller steaks and add a third serving of something, like rice or risotto or potatoes au gratin. Everybody likes to say "au gratin."
In the midst of all the labor intensity, I didn't take any 'before' pics, so we'll all have to settle with the 'after, and there was so much food we couldn't finish it' pics.

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