Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Thing #186: Barackin Out

In my passive political past, I have gone out of my way very few times to support a candidate in any race in any year. This is mostly because I've never really felt impassioned about any candidate in any race in any year. Until now. I've known since the 2004 DNC that if Senator Barack Obama ever ran for President, he'd have my vote. I just never thought he'd run so soon. He fits what I'm looking for in a candidate more than anyone who's ever run before, and I've taken more action this year on his behalf than I ever did in the past. Tonight I went to a rally in Washington Square Park and saw to Obama speak. Well, "saw" is debatable, since my naked eyes couldn't really verify that the dot on the other side of the fountain was actually him. (But the zoom on Kevin's camera would confirm that it was.) Obama didn't say anything I didn't already know about him from my weekly emails, but it was such a great experience to actually hear him say out loud all the things that are making me want to vote for him.

Crowds. Later, Obama would enthrall them.

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