Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Thing #188: Art Impudent

My dad took up oil painting when he retired from law, and was so instantly good at it that he convinced the rest of us that it was easy. Today I painted the landscape in Fort Tryon Park on a canvas mounted on an easel. I bought two canvas boards, a plastic palate, a set of oil paints, three brushes and an easel, and set out to become one of those people in the park who paints. I'm always in awe of those people, but limit the time I spend hovering over their shoulder. I always thought that seemed annoying. And you know what? It is. Particularly when the artist is fully aware that she has absolutely no idea what she's doing, as well as no training or instant talent. I set the easel up at a bench where my back was facing a wall, and I still managed to draw a crowd.
Initially, I gave the view from that raised platform in the park an earnest attempt:

But then I started to get really uncomfortable with all the people who thought I didn't mind having them hover and make comments they seemed to think I couldn't hear. So while I looked like this:
I was painting this:

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