Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Thing #189: Getting Medieval

In high school and college, all the theatre and choir I did meant I knew a lot of people who spent their weekends dressing up as wizards, wenches and whatevers and traveling around California attending Ren Faires. All the other stuff I had going on in my life meant I never joined them. The closest I came to attending anything of the sort was getting seranaded in the living room by my mom's colleague's madrigal choir students. Today though, history came to my hood and I attended the Fort Tryon Medieval Faire. As we walked in and started looking at all the stuff for sale in the peaked tents, I sort of started wishing I'd gone the extra mile and found some sort of semi-authentic garb to walk around in. About ten minutes after we arrived, I found a tent selling wench wear in my size, and I bought an enhancing blue-and-cream gown and white chamoise. I put the dress on over my jeans and tank top, and spent the rest of the afternoon like that, enjoying the extra curves the dress allowed. Curves are fun. So are devil sticks, jousting tournaments, crystal ball jugglers, dudes on stilts, octogenarian royalty, turkey legs and minstrels.
My circle as a high school theatre nerd now seems complete.


kiwinewt said...

How about ?

I'm in the NZ group of them, and run the website for another medieval group -

Good to know you had fun though!


Claire said...

Loving the dress and it sounds like you had a cool time!!

eliza said...

I am sad I missed this - I went last year and had a blast. I'm especially impressed that you bought a dress. New thing #190: come to work in renaissance garb?

Kirk said...


Amanda said...

You look beautiful.