Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Thing #207: Toeing the line

Me: Hold still.
Kevin: What are you doing?
Me: Giving you a pedicure. Keep watching the game.

It really was that easy. Armed with my Sephora pro-quality mani/pedi pack, I gave a man a pedicure. It's the first time I'd given anyone a pedi, so I sort of had no idea what I was doing- just because I get them on a regular basis doesn't mean I'm particularly adept at, say, cleaning toenails with a scraping tool or buffing away calluses. The soaking part, the toe-separating part and the painting part were all a cinch, and aside from having no idea what I was doing to him, Kevin was an extremely good sport, even when I started putting (clear) polish on his newly spotless tootsies. Next time, I might splurge for the exfoliating aromatherapy lotion. I forgot about that until it was too late.

Oh, and a little note to today's commenter Susan: The name of my HS rhymes with Shmorrey Shmines. Et tu?


Miss Banana said...

Hi Jen. I was introduced to your blog today by a friend who reads mine and thought we should be internet buddies. Perhaps we can combine one of my photos with one of your new things?

Check it out:

Either way, keep up the good work. I had fun reading your posts today.

Aaron Shanahan said...

Hi Jen,

im not quite sure how i stumbled onto your blog but im glad i did. what a great idea, ive read through most of your 207 (so far) new things and they all seem to be pretty random and not your usual "101 things to do before you die" rubbish ie.skydive, be an extra in a movie, catch a fish with your bare hands... blah blah blah. so ill defo be keeping an eye on the rest of your 158 or so new things. im currently travelling around australia with plenty of spare time so i look forward to catching a new installment each day.

keep up the good work and whacky ideas, you never know it might give me inspiration to try some of them too (not the peticure though i can safely say)... take care


Claire said...

OOoh, will not be going near my blokes feet! You're a brave lady!

suzanne said...

just saw you on cnn, fantastic stuff! thanks for the crazy inspiration!

caeser.geo said...

the absolute longest toes I have ever seen on a non simian. wow. Jen, you make me smile.

Hermi said...

Kevin has nice feet for a man!

Talulah said...

If you post man feet on your blog again, I may not be coming back. ;)