Monday, October 1, 2007

New Thing #190: Send in the Clones

Once in a great while (at least within the scope of this project), something I do a lot anyway can be made into a New Thing, due to the pure ingenuity, originality and excitement of the thing. Tonight, I went to see a musical in the New York Musical Theatre Festival. That's not new; I saw one last year, and was in one two years ago. What was new was that I saw JC2K, a musical about a futuristic army made up entirely of cloned Jesuses, one of whom escapes and attempts to live a normal life in a typical American town where he meets a plucky kid and falls in love with the kid's mom, and later there is an incredible fight scene with live special affects. Friend Brian wrote the entire thing, and we were able to catch the second performance tonight. It's completely brilliant, from the songs to the well-thought characters, and especially that fight scene. Man, I am going to have some cool dreams tonight.

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