Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Thing #192: What a Card

Today's New Thing is actually a trifecta: I got a random Facebook request from reader Sarah after I had learned an easy card trick, so I'm writing about two New Things at once. Which just became three. That's mind-blowing!
The card trick is not so mind-blowing. But I never had learned a card trick before- the only magic trick I've ever performed more than once that didn't come in a Fisher Price Little Magician Kit is lame lame lame and never fools anybody (I still think it's funny). I of course wanted to learn something complicated and impressive, but all the tutorials I found pointed out that the practitioner should have mastered "basic magic skills" like sleight of hand and ability to distract people without them knowing they're being distracted. I don't have those. So I learned one that might impress a five-year-old, but nobody else. Whatever. I take things one step at a time (well, not really, but in this case I should).

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