Friday, October 5, 2007

New Thing #194: Won't you be my neighbor?

I stayed home sick today, and my swollen sinuses and labored breathing weren't conducive to the outdoorsy Thing I had planned for today. But I did have to leave the apartment at some point, because I don't keep coffee in the house and cold or no cold, I gotta have my caffeine. My new neighbor Judy was on her way out at the same time, so I took a walk with my new neighbor Judy. We walked the long way to the nearby grocery store (and she was kind enough to first come with me to the basement so I could look for my keys, which I had left down there) and talked about the neighborhood (she's lived here for years, in different apartments) and how much quieter and mature it is compared to my last hood. I think living in New York has made me sort of guarded and not as open to meeting new people, so it was nice to remind myself of the fact that it can actually be a good thing to open up to one's neighbors. If she ever needs me to watch her cat, or I need to borrow light bulb, or if she and her husband happen to invite me to dinner sometime (the area outside their door always smells amazing around 6:30), it would be nice to be on a friendly basis first.

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