Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Thing #196: She scores!

Ah, post-season baseball. The passion, the fervor, the (almost) undue stress it causes my artsy little heart. Particularly when I kept a scorecard for a baseball game. Specifically, the division series-winning game in which the Red Sox swept the Angels. Kevin found a scorecard on this site, and I tracked (to the best of my ability) the Red Sox side of things, using this site to decipher and implement the code for each play, and to tally the at-bats, runs, hits and RBIs for each player. It's tough to do when you have no idea what code to write for, say, a base hit that brings someone home, so it was a bit harrowing. But seriously, there are few better games to score than a 9-1 bout that's featured two back-to-back home runs and a single inning with seven runs. It was nice that the Angels got to have a run in the ninth, but that's not what we're focusing on.

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