Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Thing #198: Step in Time

Today's New Thing was inspired by several people and things, most recently Kevin noting that it's only 183 steps from my apartment to the grocery store in my new neighborhood. That made me wonder about the number of steps it takes to get other places, so today I counted the number of steps I have to take to get to work, then, for fun, the number of steps I take, once I'm here, to select destinations. And I did it completely in my head, without using a pedometer or that fancy iPod Nike thing. Luckily, I didn't run into anyone from work on the way here. But I did wish our morning door lady a "good ..91 morning."
From the front door of my apartment to my seat on the A train: 671 steps.
From my seat on the A train to my seat on the D train: 37 steps
From my seat on the D train to my desk chair: 859 steps
From my desk chair to the ladies room: 32 steps
From my desk to the coffee maker: 38 steps
From my desk to coworker Alina's office: 13 steps
From Alina's office to the deli place next door: 107 steps
My office is on the 21st floor and we don't have access to the stairwell, otherwise I might have been tempted to do part of this without using the elevator. Then I would have counted how many steps it is from a stretcher to an ER triage area.

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