Friday, October 19, 2007

New Thing #208: Live from New York

The cool thing that happened earlier this week came to an awesome peak today, and I gave a live interview for CNN, via satellite. Nicole Lapin, the adorable, spunky anchor who spearheads the Young People Who Rock section, interviewed me from Atlanta while I was in a production studio at the CNN offices in New York. I've always thought the term "via satellite" sounded so cool- like when an artist can't be at the Oscars to perform their nominated song, so they perform it from Prague or something "via satellite."

Thanks to one awesome comedy lady for her pre-interview advice, and another for being featured in this piece and awesome man for having his feet talked about on telly.


Lisa M said...

Jen you are awesome! I was so glad to "meet" you on your blog, and by watching your CNN interview. I'm planning on starting my very own 365 blog in January :-) Thanks so much for being an inspiration! I think you've started a HUGE new trend! (meaningful trend!!)


Kat Mac said...

OMG OMG (I'm reverting to teen-dom) you look so preeeeeeettty!!! You're famous! You're more than famous! You're infamous!

You rock. Seriously.

Fashion Paramedic said...

WOW!!! This is my new favorite blog! Am going to give some of the ideas a try!

Hermi said...

Hi, I'm new here to blogging and I love it. I'm not so sure what trend it is that you are starting here, but it's got very cool potential.

Check me out and tell me what you think of my blog effort as well at ll2f/
Doing it all to the glory of God.

Amy said...


Dani said...

This is awesome, Jen! (Found out about it on the IRC, and traced it back to here.) You're a natural via satellite--may as well be hosting your own show!

And yes, very inspiring. Inspiring me to want to move back to NYC, for one. :)

Danielle Z.
(whose high school rhymes with Shan Shieguito)

Miss Banana said...

Jen, this is fantastic and I am so jealous. I wish my blog was famous too! congrats!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! You look great! You bare a striking resemblence to SNL's Amy Poehler. You so rock!


Michelle said...

Hooray! What a fun interview!

Claire said...

Great achievment! Well dobe! TV suits you!

365 What. What? said...

Ok, I did it. I started I left you a comment a couple of weeks ago about inspiring me. Thanks again!