Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Thing #210: High and Mighty

Along the west side of New York runs the High Line, an abandoned section of elevated train track that is now being revamped and turned into what developers hope will soon be the cultural center of New York (more so, somehow, than the rest of the city). To bring people to the area, local companies and organizations host concerts, festivals and other cultural events. Today I went to the Chelsea High Line Art Walk, held in one of the buildings that will eventually become part of the rail. The studios that were open to the public are ordinarily the work places for the exhibiting artists, but for one day were turned into mini galleries. It reminded me of open houses in college, when each room on the floor of my dorm was cleaned and made dramatically cooler, to try to entice the prospective freshman into picking our school.


Jeff said...

That's REALLY cool. Honestly, this website is really inspiring and I immensely enjoy seeing your stories. Keep it up.

Phil said...

Jen - I've just recently discovered your blog (thank new thing #208), and wanted to thank you for this undertaking. Everyone benefits when someone raises the bar of adventure/growth like this, and I hope you are able to see some of those effects of your bold efforts.

(re: art walk. We have a similar one in my small town. Lots of great art getting its due, and lots of adults playing dress-up and trying out big words. But, again, good to expand boundaries)