Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Thing #212: Flawsome

Last November, I taped an episode of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire.' My cousin Jim served as my lifeline, and got me to the $50,000 question. Today I had the opportunity to pay the favor forward, and I was somebody's lifeline on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Friend Val was slated to tape last week but got bumped to today, by which time all but one of her lifelines got busy with other stuff and weren't able to help her. So I stepped up, and she called, and I got her the right answer, and she won at least a certain amount, which I won't reveal. I will reveal that what with all the panic over the wildfires that are eating my parents' neighborhood right now, I mistook Meredith for a family friend and told her I would have to call her back. She thought it was a joke. I'm unintentionally hilarious.


Laura said...

Hey, I found out about you on MSNBC. You rock! Keeping my former hometown (NYC) interesting, I see. :-)

I'll be visiting more often...I totally admire everything you do everyday. BTW, is the doxie yours? I just got a 2 month old one :) His name's Sputnik :)


adriene said...

I just read your entire blog (I should be sleeping). Things that stood out: stunning dress at the med faire, your family's backyard is ridiculously pretty, and it's so cool you were in a play.

I like that you find pleasure small things and seem so thrilled with life in general.

Can I suggest something to do? You should buy shower curtains with rubber ducks on them, and/or sing the rubber ducky song to a rubber duck.

Good luck with the rest of your project!

Claire said...

Cool - glad you could repay the favoour and congrats to your friend!

Val said...

Hey Jen!! Thank you so much for your help yesterday...on tv and your blog, I'm feeling more and more like a local celebrity! Lol...but you are the BEST lifeline ever and your blog rocks too!! And may you reap the benefits of good karma for paying it forward!! :)