Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Thing #213: Telepatheatre

Today I made one more connection with high-techedness: I tele-conferenced! I did a Q&A as part of an expo in Orlando for 2,000 CEOs, business leaders, company Presidents and managers called Learning Changes. The host and I chatted about this blog, and how it's facilitated a new personal way of learning. Tele-conferencing is fun! It's so comfortable and convenient that I almost wish I'd been wearing pajama pants with my presentable sweater, just because I could have and nobody would have known. It was almost like being there; it was more like having an out-of-body experience. I could see the host on the stage, and I know that my visage was splashed across two giant monitors on either side, but from the vantage point that the camera provided, it was like I was floating over this audience of 2,000 that I couldn't see. That's sort of awesome. And reassuring; now I know that when I have my first real out-of-body experience, it won't be so jarring.
My view of the conference room before all the invisible people got there
Oh yeah, and after work I ate good in the neighborhood at Applebees, where I met up with some lovely ladies and promised them I would include that.


michele laikowski said...

you ate at applebees? *gasp* we're going to have to take away your ny'er card.

Anonymous said...

Hi there....I was in the audience at the Learning2007 Conference in Orlando.

I think your project is pretty darn cool and I hope that Elliott comes through on the whole heart surgery thing. I am going to subscribe to your feed and see what happens.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Cool blog and ideas! I have semi-adopted that philosophy since I found out I had cancer a 3rd time back in 2002 and wasn't expected to make it at all. Obviously, I miraculously survived and am doing definitely has helped me to keep going though :).


Jenmac said...

But Michele, it was ironic!