Friday, October 26, 2007

New Thing #215: Wait, wait!

My camera ran out of batteries right before this happened, so I'm at the mercy of other people for documentation. For now, y'all are just going to have to take my word for it (update: Yay Friends!). And now I've gone and built this up a little too much. I served drinks in a restaurant. This is a biggie for me, because I somehow made it through my (thankfully brief) I Wanna Be In the Movies phase without ever bartending or waiting tables. And when I took that bartending class, there was nobody to serve. Tonight though, I had a pizza dinner with Sean Taylor, a fellow thing-a-dayer who eats a slice of pizza every day in October, every year. His dinners (or lunches) must include at least one slice and at least one other person, and he can't repeat a restaurant in a given year. So I was happy to take the tray from a waiter and serve wine and water to him, Kevin, Maddy, Tony and Terry. The watchful waiter did at one point take the tray from me, as it was clear that I hadn't mastered the art of balancing the weight on the tray. It's better that he did that; otherwise, my friends might have all ended up wearing their wine.

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