Monday, November 5, 2007

New Thing #225: Cow awesome

So often in this project, things happen that on the surface seem so ordinary, but turn out to be so not ordinary that I don't even have to tweak the circumstances to make it a New Thing. Today's Thing was such. I ate ribs at Hill Country in the Flatiron District. I thought I was having barbecue dinner with Kristina. Turns out, I was having barbecue dinner with Kristina in a roomy, ambient, wood-cabinny restaurant where your food is made-to-order and marked on your meal ticket, and where you eat more than you ever thought possible in a single sitting. Also, I'd never ordered ribs before (something about the messiness always turned me off at restaurants... plus for some reason I thought I didn't like them. Wrong!). Everything was amazing, and I can understand why K's friends send her exuberant text messages when they eat there!
This photo would have you believe I ate ribs in 1880 with Jesse James. It's just not true.

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Jennifer said...

Just found your blog, probably like many others, from CNN. I have to say I love it! I think what you're doing is inspiring to a lot of us who sometimes feel "stuck in the rut". And like you said, the new things don't have to be earth-shattering by any means. Anyway, i've enjoyed reading it and will continue to do so- thanks for sharing it with us!